Losing Weight Is Not Just Exercise and Diet

Life Skills Coach

Having a coach for losing weight is super effective because losing weight isn’t just all about exercise and diet.  Of course, these two aspects form part of the solution, but often a minor part, not the main part.  In this article, I’m going to talk about why weight loss is so much more and frequently starts with mindset, experiences, what has happened in our past and so much more.

I’ve worked with a number of clients over the years as a weight loss coach and have had many clients  express many different aspects of troubling moments that have been part of their life that eventually contributed to limited beliefs and a lack of self worth. It can also be down to the circle of people we choose to have in our lives that also can hinder our success.

In one case through coaching a client  we discovered, that her partner was not going encourage her new found plan to loose weight, instead the partner was doing everything to sway her into unhealthy habits, such as playing computer games, eating takeaway and drinking. As she had gained the results from coaching and already lost some weight, she knew she needed to take action and reduce toxicity out of her life. Deciding to leave the partner of 3 years. Her partner was not wanting to make changes, wanting to stay on the couch watching Netflix and playing computer games.

In coaching the client learns tools to breaks the cycles of toxic patterns, and they begin to gain clarity and focus on their own game plan, which also brings on the aha moments. They start to recognise that they need to be accountable for all aspects of their progression and seek more positive people to bond with that sees them able to reach full potential.  The client also later mentioning that also as a child she grew up in a family that also did not take much consideration into health and well-being. Growing up these were the types of friends and relationships she had mainly connected with.

So the pattern we were taught earlier in our life, can have a flow on effect

This can be around more than weight; it can be around self-worth, money, what we deserve, what we should tolerate and much more.

Then there is neuro science.  This focusses on the brain and its impact on both cognitive and behavioural functions – that is, how we think.  Sometimes we will make a decision that results in a reward and the activity level of dopamine neurons increases – a response to the anticipation of a reward.  Decision making is an example of a biological process …. So sometimes you hear people who get a high from shopping.  A little dopamine is fine, but having too much can lead to aggression, being too competitive, binge eating, addiction (such as gaming, drugs or alcohol) and gambling.

Another area of neuro science is habits.  It might be that when we feel upset or bored, we go straight to the fridge – and not the fruit crisper.  It is more likely a pack of chocolate biscuits or block of chocolate.  Many people have formed a habit that after a hard day at work, they get home and the first thing they do is have an alcoholic drink.  Then they have a particularly bad day and it is two or three drinks.  The next day was bad too … and yes, you’ve guessed it, a habit has formed of perhaps several drinks every night.  Our brains actually like repetition and very soon some bad habits have formed.  The alcohol makes us feel good, but it usually contains sugar and carbs.

How many times have you been told “just stop eating” or “just get some exercise” and you’ll be fine?  I think you’re starting to see that weight loss is not as simple as that.  Sure, when I’m coaching clients around weight loss, we certainly look at nutrition and movement, but there is far more to weight loss coaching than that.  My coaching takes on many aspects; I incorporate a holistic view which includes science.  If you have a thyroid issue, you may need your GP to prescribe a suitable medication.  Blood tests may show something in your body which is affecting your chemical balance.

Then there is life balance.  If you are so incredibly stressed, overworked, not getting enough sleep then we will talk about that.  Cortisol is the primary stress hormone which increases glucose sugars in the bloodstream which then enhances your brain’s use of glucose.  It’s meant to kick in occasionally to help us in fight or flight situations.  The problem is that constant and excessive stress in our day to day lives means that we are constantly in that mode and long term Cortisol in our systems are not good for us.  So, that means often when I’m talking to life coaching or weight loss clients around weight, we also cover off on stress.  In fact stress factors on a few levels.  If you are so wound up and stressed, then perhaps you are not sleeping.  Lack of sleep can also affect weight as well – so perhaps you’re being affected by a number of things on several levels.

We all know that a coach helps us in many ways.  Olympians and football teams have a coach, smart business owners have a business coach, savvy people who want a great career will have a career coach.  Coaching has become more and more common and accepted (and every day) as we generally want to excel in many aspects of our lives.  A life and wellness coach does a few things:

  • Digs deep where you may not have realised there was an issue
  • Helps you unpack baggage; maybe you’ve had it for years and even decades
  • Gives you guidance and direction
  • Often provides solutions, ideas and direction you may not have even considered
  • Keeps you accountable and
  • Is there for you!  We are your cheer squad and if you have a bad day, then we’re there for you too!

If you’d like to know more about weight loss coaching, life coaching or general life wellness, I’d love to hear from you.  Just give me a call on 0428 124 922 or click on my contact page here.
I do not judge and I do not approach your coaching like a major general with a whip in one hand.  We do your journey together as a team – you are not alone.