If you are considering coaching then pick up the phone and chat with a coach to gain more insight. This is a free service with the timeframe 30 minutes or under depending on the particular needs of the potential client. During a discovery session the coach will ask you questions to learn about your challenges and what outcome you are wishing to achieve. As you both engage with each other during this discovery session, it helps both parties to gain clarity on what exactly your desiring to get out of coaching and also helps the coach gain clarity to see if the service they provide are the right fit to continue together. Coaching is a fun way to gain insight to your true authentic self. So during this discovery session you also can ask questions to the coach so you feel at ease as to what exactly you might be potentially engaging in before purchasing coaching sessions. All this information gathered during this short timeframe can help put your mind at ease knowing you can both work together for the best transformation regarding your search for better health and wellness and life’s journey to a bigger and brighter future and developing success for the more powerful you. So with this service provided free of charge you can be rest assured you feel comfortable pursuing and purchasing the fun coaching tools provided during the program. 

Everyone has different timeframes until they see positive results. Many say they start seeing the results roughly round the fifth session as they gather momentum through powerful thought provoking questions and the worksheets provided. People notice through coaching their thoughts neatly come together instead of having them jumping around all over the show. So it helps you neatly structure your thoughts which also then will have a positive impact on your actions throughout your day.

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