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Youhanna Rofaeel (Cairo, Egypt)

This is my feedback on my coaching experience with Amy McCrohon. Coaching from her helped me tackle my overweight problem and delve into aspects I had never considered before.

In brief, I used to be fit and in good shape during college days. However, as the years passed after graduation days. I became engaged with work commitments and I wasn’t taking my fitness seriously. This was the cause of the decline.

So I took the decision that an action plan is needed, that I want my health as my main priority.

After speaking with Amy, I took the 1st step in my weight loss journey which was to take a general blood test to get a better overview of my health. This was an important starting point to analyze my health situation at the start of coaching.

Then, when I got the blood test results it showed high uric acid levels, which was a bit of a shock to me. This was one of the issues I became aware of, and needed to make major changes to decrease the uric acid in the bloodstream.

Through a 20 week coaching journey,
I have lost 18 kgs and I still aim to lose more to reach my best possible weight.

Her knowledge based tools and her kind, friendly and encouraging personality gave me a better perspective and helped me make the right decision for my own health journey.
I highly recommend Amy for your coach as the guidance and support is outstanding.


Satvika Karan

“This testimonial is for Amy McCrohon as she has been an inspirational energy that helped me to transform my current life.

Amy entered my life while I was at my lowest. I was in a tumultuous relationship and becoming more and more depressed daily in my life. I had developed a real lack of drive to do anything. This is when Amy and I met at work and she became a positive role model in my life.

She encouraged me to become more motivated, reduce my anxieties and train my thought process in general wellbeing. She was able to convince this obese woman, me, to be able to walk the “red arrow” (stair training) bushwalking track daily and eat the cleanest she ever had in her life.

During this period, she became “my guiding light” and my own personal wellness coach. She stayed with me through this process and we met daily at work and trained daily after work.

Amy helped me build focus and believe in myself and to keep moving. She would say it’s not exercise, it’s training to better your own self. During low moments she would stimulate my emotional intelligence and develop my knowledge and skills about living a healthier/ cleaner/ greener way of life.

This allowed me to develop much confidence in my day to day life as I continued to lose over 20kgs in just under 6 months and also quit smoking and reduce drinking.

Amy’s way of sifting through the motions, layer by layer, helped me gain perspective and really got me excited. This is when the belief system kicked in that I can do anything that I set my mind to.

As a result of this positive interaction with Amy, when I moved back to Brisbane, I followed my inner passions and became a yoga instructor to keep my life plan and help better myself and others. Now I can help vulnerable and challenged souls to achieve their dreams.

I can definitely recommend Amy as an excellent coach! A person who will surely empathise, develop and encourage any person to be the best that they can be.” 


K. Walton

Thank you for all your support and the strength you gave me to help me get out of my comfort zone to start my own massage business. The confidence grew which helped me take it to the next level and set the plan into action. Without having you as my coach, I would have just sat back and waited for it to happen.
It was the push I needed and now that the business is up and running, I can’t believe all the opportunities that have also happened. The shift has been positive mentally and also financially as my business is really thriving.

Thank you Amy, awesome coach!


Nadine Ho

Testimonial for Amy McCrohon

Due to work condition changes in my previous company. I was struggling and did not feel valued as an employee, and decided to approach Amy for help.

Amy helped me get through it by sharing her positivity and life coaching skills.

I am an anxious person by nature and found myself stuck in a dilemma of whether to change jobs and company and move states altogether as I found I was not progressing as much as I wanted career wise.

Amy helped greatly by implementing the following strategies:

– Reducing my anxiety and how to remain calm and focused so as to gain the most positive outcome.

– Breaking down the obstacles and limiting beliefs I had and how to tackle each one step by step.

– Building up my self confidence and also aim for higher goals and make them more attainable.

I did end up changing companies and moving interstate. It has been going well until the recent unprecedented challenges which are being faced worldwide due to COVID-19.

I found myself in another dilemma due to job condition changes again, this time due to the company management cutting down on the staff workloads as per the rules set by the authorities. This has had quite an impact on me, hence I decided to book more sessions with Amy.

Amy has been professionally encouraging through all the sessions which helped me find answers within myself as well as persue other objectives with a stronger mindset.

This included fuelling more of my passions which include art and cookery amongst others. I am now looking towards setting up my own blog in cooking and taking up more time in pursuing my art which also helps as a way of escapism especially during the current social distancing period.

I would like to recommend Amy as a life coach to whoever is finding themselves ‘lost’ at the moment, she is a true gem. Very knowledgeable person who has valuable life coaching skills to pass on and which helped me ‘find my way’ to bounce back.

Many thanks again to Amy



I’d like to write this testimonial for Amy. She has been a positive inspiration and a great person to have coaching from.
Amy seemed to navigate exactly what I needed to make progress in my weight loss. Over the course of the sessions I managed to loose 8kg. Her listening skills are incredible and I was able to uncover many more aspects to my life that needed to change.
When I noticed I was loosing weight and the results unfolded. We worked together to create healthier habits.

I reduced my drinking of alcohol. Throughout this process my confidence was building greatly. With this process I was also building a new business, that at times was challenging & stressful. I was able to reduce the anxiety over this as she calmly supported positive encouragement and helped me maintain the focus and sift through the process.
I’m more healthier and happier then before and now more knowledgeable about my health to maintain the change. Also now can say, thanks to her supporting and caring nature I have the business up and running. This has been the best choice I have made to get coaching as it pulled me through a time I was feeling slightly isolated. This coaching from Amy was the support I needed to get me over the hurdles.

I now have a business that’s now up and running, my health has improved and I feel so much more in control of my actions to keep pursuing and maintain the focus to be strong and succeed with new perspectives.
I would definitely recommend Amy as a coach, her dynamic approach is impressive.