Breaking the cycle of Anxiety

Anxiety can be tough to deal with, if your days are constantly in battle mode & your mind is in overdrive.

Everyday pressures such as work, bills, family, or not feeling truly on the right path can see many forms of anxiety develop. Confidence can also be shatterd when going through these periods of overwhelm in a particular moment.

There are ways to embrace new strategies that can see you on a new frontier. Be more in the drivers seat with the life you lead.

Through coaching we can define and talk effectively to seek out the possibilities that will see a postive transition develop.  

Anxiety is your body’s natural response to stress, the feeling of nervousness, fear and apprehension is also part of this and can get overwhelming.

With Anxiety being different to each person, some may only experience mild -but no less serious – whilst others succumb to debilitating effects


-Disturbed sleep & difficulty falling asleep

-Clouded thinking


-Racing Mind

-Feeling Restless, wound up, or on edge

-Easily fatigued

-Feelings of impending doom.

The pysical symptoms 

– Churnning Stomach

-Sweaty Palms

-Muscle Tension

-Racing heart / Palpitations


-Nausea or Diarrhea

-Dry Mouth

-Pins and needles

-Increased blood pressure

The causes can be enviromental, difficulties at work, poor diet, relationship problems or family issues.

Genetics can also play a part with research showing that if a family has an anxiety disorder, you have a greater risk of developing one too.

There is also medical factors and Biochemical factors.


There is a wide range of methods and treatments and taking the process to learn about it is the power to help manage it.

For example, education includes examining the physiology of the ‘Flight-or-fight response, which is the bodies way to deal the impending danger. For people with anxiety disorders, this response is inappropriately triggered by situations thast are generally harmless.

To learn the tools is one of the greatest steps one can have to help tackle it. Reaching out for the support is also one of the best ways to start the process & feeling nurtured through the journey.

There are a variety of methods and tools that we can source, being a team together to jump the hurdles. No one person is the same, so how we work through the finer details is purely all about you. Enhancing the strengths, working on suitable mindfulness techniques, relaxation, breathing, cognitive patterns & behaviours.

No one should ever feel alone, or battle this with no support. Reach out and seek the progression with a coach that cares to see you develop on your potential.

Let’s work through this together and feel the freedom of gaining more enlightentment for your new found future with less struggles with anxiety.