Effective Tips for Weight Loss

Amy Life Coach Weight Loss

When it comes to weight loss, this can be such a large facet of some people’s lives.  Reasons for weight loss can include a range of things and can include a range of methods on how you can lose weight.  I’m not going to be sharing any miraculous secret tips or drugs to help you.  My tips are tried and true good health approaches to weight loss.

People choose to lose weight for many reasons.  Often it’s about good health.  They don’t want to be “a heart attack waiting to happen” or have a knee injury where carrying extra weight puts stress on the joint.  It might be about avoiding diabetes by maintaining a weight level suitable for you.  Other reasons for weight loss can include feeling good about yourself, feeling attractive to other people, looking great for an upcoming special occasion and much more.  May I say, lose weight for the right reason and first see your doctor before embarking on any radical changes.  If you are not used to exercise, then a health check with your doctor first is sensible.

As an experienced life and wellness coach, I’m going to share with you some practical and health methods to lose weight:

  • Fill up on lots of fibre.  This is found in many healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables, beans and whole grains.  There are a number of studies that have shown that by simply eating more fibre-rich foods, it may help you lose weight and keep it off.
  • Veg Out!  Vegetables are great for you and especially green vegetables.  On average 50% of your plate should consist of vegetables and remember some vegetables are better than others.  Corn, peas, potatoes, pumpkin, squash, and yams are starchy vegetables and not as good as some of the others.  Where possible try to find a balance; you don’t want to just eat lettuce or kale, but you shouldn’t also be filling that 50% of your plate with a serving of mashed potato (which probably also has lashings of butter and salt).
  • Eat natural foods.  Food is what keeps us going, so eating healthy and natural food is more likely to fill the tank longer than super processed foods, super rich foods and fatty foods.
  • Keep a record of what you are consuming; even if not calorie counting, a list will help you realise just how often you automatically eat and what you’re eating as we often visit the refrigerator on autopilot.
  • Try to cook yourself.  Takeaway foods often have ingredients in them which might not be ideal (and certainly unknown).  If you are cooking yourself, then you know exactly what is being included and can ensure a healthy and tasty meal is freshly made.
  • Remember there are healthy fats and these are fine to have.  In fact, they will balance your diet.  Examples of good fats in foods are avocado, cheese, dark chocolate, whole eggs, nuts, Chia seeds, extra virgin olive oil, fatty fish to name a few.
  • Drink a good quantity of water.  Water is great for the body and helps fill your stomach.  In fact, drinking a glass of water before a meal will help you fill up quicker, without the need for a heap of food.
  • Avoid drinks with calories; a milkshake sucked through a straw can still have a heap of calories in it.  The same goes for many drinks, particularly those with sugar added.
  • Eat slowly and chew your food.  In fact, enjoy the meal.  By eating slowly you’ll feel yourself fill up and won’t overeat, purely because you ate so quickly you didn’t feel full until it was too late.  Chewing your food properly will also aid in digestion.  Rehydrating is best done with plain fresh water.  A bit sick of water; then perhaps a slice of lime, or put in a soda stream will add some interest.
  • Don’t starve yourself or deprive yourself.  If you don’t eat enough, your body actually holds onto the fat that you have.  It essentially goes into panic mode and wonders where the next meal might be and saves all your fats.  Somewhat of the caveman days when the next meal wasn’t exactly known.  Plus, you don’t need to miss out.  If it’s your birthday, have a piece of chocolate cake.  The strategy here is moderation; so you don’t have to eat the whole cake, just have a piece.  You might have a treat day where you have something you absolutely love, but it’s not exactly the best option for weight loss.  Allow yourself that treat; life is too short to be constantly watching every calorie and worrying yourself over every morsel that passes your lips.
  • Keep busy; whether that’s exercise, doing something else like a hobby or craft.  By keeping busy we are less inclined to visit the refrigerator or cupboard.
  • Exercise burns fat, keeps us moving and gets the endorphins flowing.  After exercise we always feel better, so why do we avoid it?  Sometimes it’s about time; so perhaps you need to schedule in your exercise.  Perhaps it’s about pain, in which case, you might need to start with a slow walk and build yourself up to being the next Usain Bolt.  I strongly recommend that you choose an exercise that you enjoy.  If you enjoy people interaction, then a team sport may work well.  Whatever you choose, if it’s something you enjoy you are more likely to do it, plus you’ll enjoy it.  Exercise should be fun, not a painful and depressing chore.  If you find yourself getting easily bored, then schedule in lots of different things; variety is the spice of life.  Remember this is “you” time, so make the time for yourself and your wellbeing and health.  You might vary the activities with some things being highly aerobic, other things being weight work (which is often forgotten by many people wanting to lose weight, but it’s fantastic to tone the body and look awesome) or you might try something a little less impact like aqua aerobics, Tai Chi, Pilates or even meditation.  It’s “you” time and it doesn’t all have to be hot and sweaty.
  • Find your cheer squad.  Having friends, family or your coach to support you really makes the difference.  Sharing your goals with those you trust will help others to help you stay on task, stay encouraged and motivated.  You may even have a health buddy who is also wanting to lose weight and get healthy.  You might challenge each other, check-in with each other and possibly have a little friendly competitiveness.  Alternatively, you may find a wellness or life coach (like myself) is just what you need.  I’m here to support and help you, but also I’m someone who can hold you accountable and keep you focused, motivated and on task.
  • Finally, be kind to yourself.  Don’t be so unrealistic in your goals that you are simply setting yourself up to fail.  Ensure your goals are achievable and if you do have a slip, then don’t hate yourself for that.  Today is a new day.

If you’d like to learn more about how I can help you in your journey to lose weight, get healthy and stay healthy, then just reach out to me on 0428 124 922.

I’d love to help you achieve your wellness goals.