What is a Life Coach and What Do They Do?

Life Coach, weight loss, motivation, reducing anxiety, lifestyle changes

This is a great question and one many people ask.  In simple terms, a life coach is a wellness professional who will guide you to achieve goals, overcome challenges and help you find your best you.  We help you become happier in your life.  A life coach has usually undergone training and qualifications and attained skills in listening, communication and problem solving.  Life coaches can help their clients in a huge range of areas in most aspects of our day-to-day lives, including:

  • Addiction
  • Anxiety
  • Career
  • Confidence
  • Dating or relationships
  • Family
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Life skills
  • Money or financial
  • Moving past divorce
  • Negating thinking
  • Stress management
  • Weight loss or diet

Just as people have a coach to be an elite athlete, or a business coach to excel in business, life coaching has become very popular and broadly accepted.  We have become more of the norm.  I should reiterate however, that for extreme levels of anxiety depression or mental health diagnosis you should seek a qualified medical practitioner, talk to your GP or see a psychiatrist or psychologist.  Myself as an experienced life coach, I work with my clients particularly in the areas of confidence, health, wellness and weight loss.

People generally can find it challenging to action change themselves.  Quite often, we know we want to improve something and make a change, but we don’t really know what has caused the problem in the first place or how to go about tackling that challenge to turn things around.  We may not have someone in our lives who is experienced at listening and problem solving, or perhaps they are too closely involved.  Life coaching (as with any coaching) is a safe and confidential place that you can talk, share and get positive and constructive feedback.  We all know the expression ‘get it off your chest’ and here is where that is a warm, caring and nurturing place to do that.

Life coaching is not about ‘fixing’ someone but making them better and their lives better.  You’re not ‘broken’, you just know and want something better or more.  In fact, your life might be pretty awesome in many ways, but you recognise there is just one or two areas which could be improved upon.  You may wish to affect change that will give you more balance, or help you to achieve a goal.  Sometimes it’s purely about maintenance; such as relationship coaching, where perhaps things have become a little stale and just needs a little sprucing up.  Maybe you’ve just become a little stuck or need to overcome some obstacles.  Possibly you recognise some self-destructive patterns and habits creeping in.  Is there that little voice in your head which has become increasingly negative?  In a world of COVID, that voice for some has become quite loud, instilling fear, negativity and loneliness.  You can reach out and not be alone.

For others, life coaching is about finding purpose and unlocking opportunities and potential within yourself.   Your life coach can help you clarify your goals, guide you forward on practical and actionable steps and help you remain focussed and on point with that action.  Do you have a dream that you really want to make a reality?  Possibly you aspire to fulfil a destiny – you just need a little help and guidance to get there.

Your life coach will help you in so many ways.  We listen.  We ask questions and sometimes those questions can be a little uncomfortable, but what every client needs to remember is that we are going down the path with them.  You are not alone.  We will help you gain clarity, confidence and develop a plan to achieve whatever goal you wish to reach for.  We might be helping you transition, or to grow or to simply feel happier in yourself and find balance.  Every approach is a little different as every person is unique.  I think life coaches are pretty awesome – but yes, I know I’m biased.  🙂

Now more than ever, it’s important that we invest time and resources in looking after ourselves.  Self-care is most certainly not self-indulgence.  Many of us out there are caring for and looking after others.  However, in order to do that, we must first look after ourselves.  Whether you’re caring for a partner, children, parents or are a career carer – you need to refill your tank and take a little time out to care for yourself.  Having someone in your corner, who is there for you, to share, bounce ideas off and seek guidance and support is invaluable.  Being happier and content is priceless.

Whilst I am a Queensland-based life coach, I work with clients all over Australia.  Utilising easy technology, phones or Zoom I offer a range of packages to suit your needs.  My areas of specialty include health coaching, weight loss coaching and coaching around anxiety and confidence.  I absolutely love seeing my clients take their lives to the next level and achieve their goals, whether large or small.  Sometimes a client actually comes to me unable to articulate what they want or want to achieve.  That’s ok.  I can help you gain clarity around what you are wanting and needing in order to then put a plan in place to help you realise that outcome.  I work in a caring, transparent and honest manner with warmth and professionalism.  Whilst there is structure to my coaching, I do not force clients into process or method – but instead am flexible in order to meet your needs in the way that best suits you.

If you’d like to have a complimentary 20 to 30-minute chat with me, or learn more, simply give me a call on 0428 124 922 or click here for my contact page.

I love helping clients because their success is my success.