The Petite Package.

The Petite Package is an express option for the people new to coaching and may actually be undecided on how it can work for them.

A lot can unravel in 30mins between a client & a coach collaborating.

Many people describing a wide range of new positive change can unfold from the new found positive care & support from coaching even in the 30min timeframe.

  1. Create room for what is truly important in life.
  2. Unleashed freedom from within.
  3. Focus on new health & hobbies
  4. New found ideas
  5. More peace of mind
  6. More happiness
  7. Taking small steps in the MICRO does truly lead to MACRO winning moments.
  8. Less fear of failure
  9. More confidence
  10. Can also lead to new friendships as this makes one develope on new mindsets through another angle of self development if one chooses to continue with other sessions.

~ oo00oo ~

With just one short phone call. This is one way to shift from the present moment of the hurdles one can be facing now & takle those mental blocks.

Gain new ideas which can formulate into another shift of postive energy to set a new strategy that will see you move closer to a new goal.

It’s definitely a way to gather the coaching tools implemented to take the next steps forward and make the MICRO moments collect within an insightful conversation during this timeframe.

$20 for 30min

Life Coach, weight loss, motivation, reducing anxiety, lifestyle changes